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Welcome to the Qubee afaan Oromoo web site. This website makes available resource necessay to learn qubee afaan Oromoo. Read our policy.


Our mission is to promote qubee and afaan Oromo literacy. To achieve this, we make available web-based resources qubee and afaan Oromoo teachers/learners need to teach/learn qubee and afaan Oromoo.

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteer Oromo professionals commited to promote qubee and afaan Oromoo literacy. Composed of professional teachers, educational technology experts, and afaan Oromoo specialists, this team has the expertise and desire to render such a service. Given the constraint of time, the team is trying its best to make available as many resources as available.

We take this opportunity to request you to email us resources that promote qubee and afaan Oromoo literacy so that we can post it here and make it available to the entire Oromo community around the world.  Our email is info@qubee.org

NEWS: Online Oromo - English Dictionary and Search Online in Afaan Oromoo.